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Central Heating Repair London

We specialize in the installation and repair of boilers, gas appliances and central heating systems for both domestic and commercial properties. Whether you are looking to upgrade your current central heating system or want to ensure that it remains trouble-free for the rest of the winter, our cost-effective solutions and impartial advice can help you with all your heating service needs. So, if you are looking for boiler service or installation, you can call our professional heating engineers for a quick response. All our engineers and emergency plumbers are fully qualified and experienced to carry out central heating upgrades, installation and maintenance services.

We are fully compliant with the latest regulations on central heating and plumbing safety standards. This helps us to ensure that you receive an unrivalled and trustworthy service, when you need it. We are also aware that having the right central heating system for your home is essential, which is why we always conduct a thorough assessment of your situation to help you determine which type of central heating boiler and heating system is best for you.

We install central heating systems and components including:

Wet central heating systems
condensing and kombi boilers
Conventional boilers
Thermostatic radiator valves, programmers and room thermostats

How do you know if your central heating system needs power flushing?

Your radiators are cold at the bottom but warm at the top;
You notice loud knocking, banging or kittling noises coming from your system;
The water is off-color when you bleed your radiator;
A replacement boiler is connected to your old heating system;
One of your radiators has stopped working;
You have little or no hot water due to blocked pipes;
Your boiler keeps cutting out.

Central Heating Installations London

Keeping warm is an expensive exercise, especially when fuel bills are continually rising. Gas central heating is by far the most popular method of heat generation and for good reason. Not only is it convenient, it’s about two-thirds of the price of electrical heating. Following the initial outlay of your central heating installation, you should start to notice significant savings on your energy bills.

A well-installed central heating system results in a more comfortable home, especially during winter months. Our team of highly trained heating engineers can complete boiler and central heating installations across the London area, ensuring that you don’t go cold this winter.

We’ve built a solid reputation for delivering an honest service at competitive prices. We’re aware that gas boiler installation or fitting a new central heating system is a big job, requiring considerable expertise and know-how, which is why our engineers are fully-trained and Gas Safe registered. Our heating engineers will also be able to assist you in any other matters regarding your central heating, from upgrading your current heating system to servicing to regular maintenance of your boiler.

Power Flushing Services

Are your radiators cold at the bottom? Is your central heating system making irritating and worrying knocking noises? Just contact our 24 hour emergency plumbers and request a power flush from one of our expert engineers.

Power flushing, otherwise known as jet flushing or hard flushing, sees an engineer fit a high-flow, high-pressure pumping unit to your central heating system. Using water and chemicals, sludge, rust, lime scale and any other kinds of debris present in your system will be flushed out, preventing any further damage. We also recommend a power flush if you are replacing your boiler within an existing system, as contaminants in piping can quickly damage your new boiler.