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What information do you need before installing a security system in your house?

There are a few key details you'll need to know if you want to have a security system installed in your home or company. Handyman Ilford has compiled a list of the essential questions and answers regarding having a security system put up on your property. We hope that this information will prevent any unpleasant surprises later on.

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A handyman is a person who performs building, maintenance, and repair work on a property or facility. Handypersons are also frequently hired to do other domestic tasks like putting furniture together and hanging pictures. People new to an area that require remodeling or home repairs often seek the services of handypersons.

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What are the many sorts of security systems available?

Car charging installation

Many different sorts and models of security systems are available, and it isn't easy to know what they all do and how to keep them in good working order. The most basic level is a complicated code system that requires users to input their pin code before allowing access. WHO can use a paperclip to bypass this easy system.

For this reason, biometric entry and keyless technology have been created to identify users by their fingerprints or critical fob and grant access after.

Handyman Services 4 U can assist you with anything around the home that you don't know where to begin doing. Handyman Services 4 U can assist you with all of your odd jobs and repairs, from hanging a picture to adding a new curtain rail or repairing a broken lock on your door.`

Handypersons specialize in a wide range of jobs, including hanging pictures and constructing house frames. Handypersons can also be called upon to unclog drains, repair plumbing problems, clean gutters, and basements, and provide other maintenance services.

What should you think about before putting in a system?

Installations are critical to the safety of your house, mainly if you live alone or with many women. A fantastic system may go a long way toward reassuring you that everything is secure and safe. If you've ever used a faulty alarm system before, this might be one more thing for getting an electronic installation by experts.

4 U Services provides a comprehensive range of services to residents and businesses in Ilford. Our handyman services can assist you with home repairs and maintenance, including installing new kitchen appliances such as dishwashers and freezers.

Handyman and Gas Heating Ilford Service Provider: 4 U is a handyman and gas heating Ilford service provider. We service the entire Ilford region, including Ilford. When you choose us, you'll get an expert who has been verified and meticulously examined for your safety and comfort.

What should you be on the lookout for when purchasing a new system?

Some businesses charge cancellation fees if you decide to cancel your contract within a particular time after signing up for it. Furthermore, some firms may demand a minimum service term before allowing you to terminate your contract.

Services 4 U is a handyman Ilford firm specializing in providing a wide range of services. With their committed Handymen Ilford, they are sure to make your home or business more secure and pleasant.

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How do I go about installing a new system in my house?

If you've just purchased a new house security system, you might be unsure about how to set it up. Don't worry if this is the case; I'll show you precisely what needs to be done in this post.

Hiring a Handyman Service A handyman is necessary to renovate your property. If cracks on the wall need to be painted, you'll probably want them fixed. Because all Handymen perform painting-related activities, they'll be able to do this type of work without difficulty.

Hiring a handyperson may be beneficial for both homeowners and renters, as long as you know what to look for when looking for one. Look them up online or ask your friends and family about the worst ones. Handypersons usually rely on word-of-mouth marketing, so use trusted referrals to locate someone who fits within your budget.

Why is a home security system important?

It is essential to have a working security system in your home. A security system will prevent burglars from entering your property, but it can also do more than just that. You can have an alarm that goes off when someone knocks on your door or even if the oven turns on. This article aims to teach you how to install a home security system so you can feel safe in your own home.

All Services 4 U is a Handyman Ilford company that provides all kinds of services for residential and commercial properties. The Handyman Company Ilford has been in business for over 25 years, throughout which time they have built up an excellent reputation and client base.

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For more information, please contact Steve Perkins (07585 559120 or [email protected])

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Verified Video Alarm

Do you have an empty property that you would like to protect against squatters or thieves?

Our Verified Video system could be the perfect choose for you as it’s a battery powered system that can be used internally or externally or a mixture of the both to capture a short section of video footage to immediately identify the cause of the activation and sends it via the mobile network, to a predetermined recipient’s smart phone app or NSI Gold monitoring station (or both!). Thus, our system doesn’t need any external power, phone or internet connection to help protect your property. 

The Verified Video system is most commonly used to provide notification of different activation types, such as human entry or wildlife, allowing the monitoring service to determine the appropriate action to be taken and/or the security service or police to be deployed.

A range of options are available including indoor and outdoor PIR cameras with day/night visibility, Door contacts, Glass Break detection, Water Sensor and even Smoke and Heat detectors.

Battery life for all devices, including the control panel, is up to 2 years.

We offer this equipment on a flexible rental / hire  bases and charge by the week (The minimum term is four weeks and our price includes the installation and new batteries as needed).

We can also help with other services such as locksmiths, plumbing, electrical and other fire and security services to help protect and maintain your property.

For more information, please contact Steve Perkins (07585 559120 or [email protected])

fire and security

A fire safety checklist for the Christmas season

A roaring fire, cinnamon-scented candles, Christmas dinner and beautiful decorations: these might be some Christmas favourites that a lot of people hold dear, but they can also be the unfortunate reason that Christmas is the most likely time of year for household fires. 

Here is a simple guide to reducing fire risk and keeping everyone safer this festive season…

(Please also follow all government guidance and advice regarding COVID over this period)


From electric blankets and heaters to fairy lights, Christmas often puts particular strain on the sockets around your house and work. It’s best to avoid overloading sockets as this can lead to overheating and electrical fires. 

A very simple habit to get into which can reduce risk effectively is simply to visibly check electrical items, ensuring  there are no loose cables or visible damage to items. This is especially important for Christmas lights which may have been stored away and folded or rolled in a way which can lead to wires being exposed.


Christmas decorations, from cards to tinsel, are an important part of getting that festive feeling going in your home or workplace, but that doesn’t mean you should pop them up wherever there’s space. Avoid putting Christmas cards or other particularly flammable decorations near heating, lighting, cooking appliances or candles. Similarly, you should not hang anything from your fireplace. We don’t know where Christmas stockings hanging over an open fire started, but it’s not the best of ideas. 

Double-check your fairy lights have the British Standard Kite Mark displayed on them  and never use any decorations or electricals that have worn or frayed wires. If you’re unsure about the safety or reliability of an item, buy new ones. When you leave a room, especially for an extended period of time like overnight, make sure you turn off all electricals at the plug. (i.e., Turn of the Christmas lights and decorations both indoors and out).

When choosing Christmas lights, it’s best to switch the LED lights rather than traditional filament bulbs. LED lights operate at low voltage which reduces the risk of electric shock and they also generate far less little heat which greatly reduces the risk of fire.

If candles are a non-negotiable part of Christmas for you then consider battery-powered candles as a safe alternative that will still provide that all-important cosy ambience. Alternatively, if you just can’t say goodbye to that spiced apple scent and warming glow, make sure you only light a candle when you will be staying in the room and ensure it is placed away from flammable materials such as tissues or overhanging decorations. Also be wary of candles wrapped in ribbons or decorations, as these will catch fire when the candle burns down. NEVER leave a candle lit when no one is around to keep an eye on it.


Having friends and family gather around the table for Christmas dinner is one of the highlights of the season. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to make sure this goes off without a hitch.

Before you start cooking, it’s helpful to jot down a plan of timings, when things need to go on and be taken out of the oven or off the heat. Not only will this help to reduce stress while cooking, but it will also reduce the chance of burning food and having to leave hot fats, boiling water and burnt food unattended. Similarly, you should be aware of what’s going on inside your oven throughout cooking. If you have to leave the room, ask a family member to keep an eye on everything for you. 

As tempting as it might be, try and avoid drinking alcohol until you finish cooking, after which you can settle down with a glass of your favourite and well-earned tipple. 

While Christmas is a time for family, when you’re cooking it’s important that all your attention is on that task. Don’t play games or open presents while cooking as just a moment’s distraction can see a fire started. 

In the event of a fire breaking out in your kitchen, having a fire blanket at-hand is a must. It’s also important to know the different types of fires and the best kind of fire safety equipment to use in each case.  For example, never throw water on a grease-based fire, instead use a fire blanket. 

Christmas Trees

Putting up the Christmas tree is a much-loved tradition with a lot of people as it’s usually the point at which we bring Christmas into our home or workplace. However, there is a reason they have been singled out as one of the most common fire hazards by fire departments around the country. 

When choosing your tree, there are a few tips and tricks to get the best one. Don’t buy a tree that is pre-wrapped as there is no way to know what you’re getting. When you find a tree you like the look of, tap the trunk a few times on the ground and if a lot of needles fall off then it’s not the one for you as it has already dried out, and that makes it more likely to catch fire if lights overheat.

Christmas trees can be particularly dry in general, especially when not kept in water. An average 6ft tree can drink up to two pints of water a day so make sure to stand your tree in plenty of water and top it up daily even if it has no roots! 

Alarms and Equipment

Indeed, while preventing fires is key, it’s also imperative to have all alarms and equipment ready and working effectively should the worst happen. Now is the time of year to double check that your fire extinguishers and fire blanket are up to date and that your smoke alarms are tested regularly and have fresh batteries in (or spares to hand just in case)


What are the benefits of hiring professional services?

When it comes to hiring professional services, there are many benefits to consider. For one, professional services are a good investment for your home. They can help you save time and money in the long run by taking care of tasks that you may not have the expertise or experience to do yourself. Additionally, professionals are typically licensed and insured, which can give you peace of mind knowing that you're dealing with someone reputable. Lastly, professionals can quickly fix problems that would take you hours or days to figure out on your own. So if you're looking for plumbing services, locksmith services, or security services, be sure to contact All Services 4 U! We provide a wide range of high-quality services at an affordable price.

Professional services are a good investment for your home

Professional services offer more than just a cleaner house, they offer peace of mind. Professionals can inspect your property, identify any potential problems and fix them before they become big issues that require extensive work to remedy. They also provide routine maintenance that prevents small problems from becoming larger ones, saving you time and money in the long term. In addition to these valuable benefits, professional services generally come with warranties on their workmanship which means if something goes wrong due to shoddy workmanship or faulty equipment then the company is liable for its repair or replacement instead of you paying out of pocket for repairs or replacements yourself!

Hiring professionals will save you time and money in the long run

Many people are reluctant to hire a professional service provider because they think it will be too expensive, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Professionals offer an investment that pays for itself over time by speeding up the delivery of services, saving your company money through more efficient processes, reducing errors and mistakes, ensuring quality control, and freeing up your staff to focus on other important tasks. There are many situations where hiring a professional is not only cost-effective but also necessary: when you need specialized knowledge or expertise; when there's no one else available with the right skills; if you want consistent results without having to train new employees constantly; if there is little room for error; or when time is of the essence.

They're qualified to provide a range of services, from plumbing to locksmiths

It is a common misconception that professionals are more expensive than regular people. That's not the case at all. In fact, in some cases, they may be cheaper because they can do things faster and more efficiently, but it also depends on what you need them for. For example, if you need a locksmith to change your locks then they will probably cost more than just buying new ones yourself from the hardware store. However, if you're looking for someone to fix an issue with the plumbing or even electrical wiring then hiring a professional could be less expensive because of their knowledge and experience level which allows them to work quickly without causing additional damage to anything else around the area being worked on. For many people, this peace of mind is worth the extra money they may have to pay. Professionals have been trained in their specific field and know all the best techniques and methods to get the job done quickly and correctly. This is especially important when it comes to tasks like plumbing and electrical wiring, which if done wrong can cause serious safety hazards in your home.

You'll have an easier time finding someone who is licensed and insured

When you hire a professional service, many benefits come with it. For one thing, you won't have to worry about being on time for the appointment because they will be able to plan their schedule around yours. This is especially handy when you're in hurry or if your work hours don’t match up well with the business hours of the professional's office. When you hire someone who is licensed and insured, then not only do you know that they are qualified but also that they will be covered in case anything should happen during the service like an accident or lawsuit. You can also rest assured knowing how much things cost beforehand instead of paying more than what was agreed upon after all services were rendered.

A professional can quickly fix problems that would take you hours or days to figure out on your own

A professional can quickly fix problems that would take you hours or days to figure out on your own. Professionals have access to resources and people who are not available to the general public. They also have a lot of experience with different situations which will help them solve your problem faster than you could do so alone. Finally, if they work for a company, their employer is responsible for any mistakes made during the project. This can give you peace of mind if you are not familiar with the work that is being done. Hiring a professional also ensures that the job will be done correctly and to your specifications. Professionals have been trained in their field and know the best practices for completing a project. They also have access to the correct tools and equipment needed for the job. This can save you time and money in the long run, as you will not need to purchase any additional supplies or hire someone to complete the project for you.

Locksmiths are skilled professionals who specialize in the installation, repair, and maintenance of locks. They have the knowledge and experience to handle any lock-related problem or emergency. For example, if you're locked out of your car or house because you lost your keys, a locksmith can help with these types of problems. If you need new locks for your business or home security system installed, they can do that too. Locksmiths are also great at installing deadbolts on doors for added safety. And when it's time to change the old doorknob for something more stylish, they'll be there right away! That's just scratching the surface though - there is much more than a qualified professional will be able to do for you!

Hire professionals for jobs like fixing leaks, installing new doors, or changing locks - it's worth the peace of mind!

There are many benefits to hiring professionals for jobs like fixing leaks, installing new doors, or changing locks. For example, if you're not sure what's wrong with your door and don't want to risk breaking it by trying to fix it yourself, then hiring a professional is the best thing you can do. Professionals will be able to identify the issue quickly and easily so that they can fix it correctly without any problems. They also have all of the tools necessary for the job so there will be no need for additional purchases on your part! And even if you're just looking for someone else to install a new lock on your home because you don't feel comfortable doing this project yourself - which we completely understand - then professionals can get everything done in a single visit. Plus, you can be sure that the job will be done right and that your lock will be functioning perfectly afterward.

Save money, help save the planet, the advantages of LED Lights!

As we move away from traditional and the old-style emergency efficient light bulbs to the latest generation of LED bulbs here are some of the main benefits of doing so.

LEDs offer several advantages over traditional light bulbs, here’s what LEDs have to offer and what makes them so beneficial:

1. Long life

The components of an LED and the way that they generate light significantly extend the lifespan of these bulbs. Where other bulbs’ lifespans are shortened through both proper and improper usage, the LED bulb’s low heat levels, durability, and energy efficiency make it possible for it to outlast other types of bulbs by thousands of hours.


Typical Range

(1 year = 8760 hours (365 x 24))

Typically, the important parts of a light bulb, such as the filament, weaken over time, which causes the bulb to burn out. But LEDs don’t burn out the same way that other bulbs do; instead, the amount of light they produce decreases gradually in what is called 

“lumen depreciation”. The lifetime of an LED bulb is based on how long it takes for the lumen output of the bulb to decrease to 30%, so it will likely last longer than the average rated lifetime hour listed on the box if you don’t mind or don’t notice the decreased illumination.

Certain cheaper LED bulbs will only last about 5,000 hours, which is still 4,000 – 3,000 hours longer than the average rated lifespan of an incandescent, but many branded bulbs are rated for over 25,000 hours.

2. Energy efficiency

Because of their high lumen output per watt, LEDs are capable of turning about 70% of their energy into light. This makes them much more efficient than other bulbs, which waste a lot of energy by turning it into heat. It only takes a 6-watt LED bulb to produce the amount of light that a 40-watt incandescent does, and their lower temperature also makes them safer to operate. In comparison, incandescent bulbs can get so hot that they should be kept out of reach of children who might burn themselves, and they have also been known to cause fires if they accidentally come into contact with flammable materials, such as curtain fabric.


Replacing a single 60-watt light bulb with an LED results in a reduction of approximately 160kg of CO2 emissions per year. If you replaced 10 lamps in your home with LEDs, that would represent a reduction of 1599 kg CO2 emissions annually. This reduction in Co2 will be lower if you are replacing an old-style energy efficient bulb with an LED one BUT there will still be a reduction, maybe only a few hundred kg of Co2!

3. High brightness and intensity

LEDs are capable of emitting an extremely high level of brightness. That’s why wattage is no longer a viable measurement of brightness – instead, look at a bulb’s lumen output when you’re making the switch to LEDs. Take a look at how LEDs compare to incandescent and CFL bulbs:


4. Exceptional colour range

Incandescent bulbs require gels or filters to create different colours and shades of light. On the other hand, LEDs offer a wide range of colours and colour temperatures without the use of gels or filters, which can burn out or fade over time. With LEDs, it is the actual diode (or its phosphorus coating) that is changed to alter the colour of the emitted light, so you can trust that it will stay the same shade until the end of its lifespan.

5. Low radiated heat

While an incandescent bulb operates by heating its filament to a temperature that produces light, an LED bulb emits electromagnetic energy as light when electrified. By turning energy into light instead of heat (rather than using heat to generate light), LEDs are able to operate at a significantly lower temperature than other types of light bulbs.

What little heat LEDs do generate is dissipated by a special heat sink, which is designed to absorb any heat and disperse it safely away from the diodes. While the actual fixture or base can feel warm to the touch, LEDs themselves don’t emit infrared radiation in their beam, meaning there is no warmth to it. This makes them optimal for use in heat-sensitive areas, such as displaying artwork because they won’t cause fading or other heat damage to paints or dyes.

6. Reliability

LEDs are a very durable and reliable form of lighting – they can operate safely in colder temperatures, and can withstand more impact and vibration than other light bulbs because they have no filaments or other fragile parts. This stability makes them ideal for use in areas that will be subject to temperature fluctuations, inclement weather, and jostling, such as outdoors or in ceiling fan fixtures.

7. Instantaneous illumination

Does this sound familiar? You turn on a light to look for something, but you have to wait a few moments before you can see anything, or you’ve already found it before the bulb has even reached its maximum light output. Unlike CFLs, which take a few moments to warm up, LEDs operate at full brightness from the moment you flip the switch.

8. Directional lighting

By design, LEDs emit their light in one direction rather than all around. This helps reduce energy consumption because no light is wasted or trapped within reflectors and diffusers, which can keep over half the generated light from exiting the bulb. The directional nature of their output makes LEDs ideal for applications such as task lighting and recessed downlights.

9. Summary of the benefits

Life Span25,000+ hours1,000-3,000 hours
Initial Cost£2-15£1-6
Cost per Year£3.60£23.88
Light SourceDirectional lightAll-around light
Heat GenerationBeams emits no heatReleases 90% of its energy as heat radiation
DurableMore durable - no filamentEasier to break - fragile filament, glass bulb
CO2 Emissions per Year28.8 kg172.68 kg

Save money and help to save the planet by changing to LED bulbs the next time you need to buy and change a bulb/s in your home and office.

12 electrical safety tips for around your home this Christmas

  1. Look out for damaged electrical cables – all power cables and extension leads should always be checked regularly, and replaced as required. As a rule of thumb, don’t run cables under rugs and furniture, as they can cause a trip hazard, overheat or get crushed and damaged. If using out side make sure they are IP rated and designed for the job!
  2. Don’t overload sockets – overloading plug sockets is a common cause of electrical fires. Always make sure the sockets are cool to the touch. And only plug one heat-producing appliance into a multi-way socket at a time. 
  3. Keep electrical devices away from water – water and electricity together are a deadly combination. To follow electrical safety rules, keep all electrical equipment well away from water. There’s a high risk of electrocution if you use an electrical appliance with damp hands. And always unplug your kettle before filling it! If using for outside lights this Christmas make sure you use light, lead etc that are designed for external use (IP Rated) and RCD protected. 
  4. Keep unused cables tidy and secure – electrical safety doesn’t only apply when cables are in use. Make sure they’re stored away safely when you’re not using them. It’s best not to wrap cables around objects (like your hairdryer or laptop plug), as it can stretch them, and cause overheating. And never put an electricity cable on a hot surface, as it can damage the insulation and wiring inside.  
  5. Unplug all unused appliances – an unplugged appliance is 100% safer than one that’s left plugged in. Not only does it save you money – as plugged-in appliances still use power when on standby mode – but it protects them from overheating or power surges. If your sockets are a bit hard to reach, like behind bookcases or sofas, invest in a smart plug. 
  6. Allow space for air circulation – electrical equipment needs room for the air to circulate, to keep cool it while it’s working. Without this, it can overheat and be a fire hazard. Don’t put anything on top of electrical appliances like microwaves, and don’t run electrical equipment in cupboards. And if you’re using a standalone heater, make sure it’s at least a foot from the wall. 
  7. Make sure all exhaust fans are clean – some appliances, like hobs, have exhaust fans. These can get dirty and clogged. Keeping them clean  will not only keep them energy-efficient, but it also helps to stop them becoming a fire hazard. 
  8. Be safe with heaters – it might sound like common sense, but keep combustible items away from heaters. Portable heaters shouldn't be used near curtains, and should always be on a level, stable surface. 
  9. Check the fuse – it’s easy to replace a fuse on plugs – but make sure you use the right one for the appliance. Using the wrong fuse can cause a cable to overheat, and means the appliance isn’t protected against electrical faults. Always replace like for like.
  10. Avoid knock-off goods – be wary of items purchased outside or imported into the UK, as these don’t always meet national safety standards. And definitely avoid counterfeit electrical goods (such as fake-brand hair straighteners), which are a leading cause of electrical shocks and fires. This goes for batteries and chargers too. Only buy the official branded chargers for your laptop or phone, ideally straight from the manufacturer. You might save money buying knock off goods but this could cost you a lot more in the long term!
  11. Check you’re using the correct wattage – with the advent of energy-saving LED bulbs, this is less of a worry – as they’re less likely to overheat than the old incandescent. But using the right wattage of bulb can also prevent electrical problems – so always check first. 
  12. Always follow the manufacturer’s instructions – possibly the best piece of advice when using any electrical appliance is “read the instructions”. Using your devices correctly improves performance, and keeps you safe.

If any appliance gives you even a slight electric shock, stop using it at once and always a qualified electrician to appliance engineer to check it. Don’t try to repair it yourself.

7 Best EV Chargers in the Market

Buying a new EV charger can be very confusing, especially with so many specs and options on the market. That’s why we’ve narrowed it down for you. Let’s go over the 7 best EV chargers in the market and how you can choose the best one for you 

Chargers OHME OHME Home Pro Wallbox Pulsar Plus SYNC EV EASEE One
Costs start from £553 inc installation start from £656 inc installation start from £599 inc installation start from £591 inc installation start from £619 inc installation
Finance Options Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Finance Begins From £ 8.12  £ 9.63 £ 8.79 £ 8.98 £ 9.23
OZEV Approval Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Connectivity  3G/4G 3G/4G Bluetooth/WiFi WiFi WiFi and 4G
Power Lead Included Included Included Not Included Not Included
Type Type 1 and 2 2 Type 2 only Universal socket Universal socket
Earth Rod Needed Not needed Not needed Not needed Not needed
Output of Charger Power 7.4kW 3.4kW 7.4kW 7.4kW 7kW
Dimensions 89x53x239 mm N/A 163x82x166mm 112x90x187mm N/A
Color No Options  Black Black/White No Options Black
Cable Dock Yes Yes Yes No No
Charge Scheduling Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Security Via charge schedule Via charge schedule Via app Via app Lock via app
Tariff Compatibility Yes Yes No Coming soon No
Power Adjustment Not available Not available Via app Via app Yes
Charger Power Output 7.4 7.4kW 22kW version available 7.4kW 7kW
Solar Functionality No No Coming soon No No
Untethered No No No Yes Yes
Tethered Option Yes Yes Yes No No
Load balancing No Yes No No Yes
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
Manufacturer support rating  5/5 5/5 3/5 4/5 5/5

5 Things To Consider Before Buying An EV Charger

If this is your first time buying an EV charger, things can get a little confusing. There are a lot of numbers and ratings going around, and it’s hard to make sense of it all. Without proper research, you might end up buying the wrong kind. So let’s take a look at the things you should consider before buying an EV charger. 

Home Charging Options

While you can just opt to charge your electric car at public charging services, it might involve a lot of waiting around and is simply inconvenient. Home chargers are much more efficient and easy to use. 

The regular three-pin sockets that you might have around the house do work, but they are very slow. It’s better to have a dedicated wall box charging point in your home instead. 

  • Plug Types For Your Car

Depending on the kind of plug type you have, the type of charger that will work with your car will vary. There are usually two kinds: type 1 and type 2. If you have a Type 2 plug, you can use a charging station that comes with a permanently connected charging cable. 

But a Type 1 plug type cannot be charged using this same station. You’re going to need a special adapter, which is pretty expensive. It’s usually better to get the Type 2 plug if you have the option. 

  • Charging Power And Speed

The next thing you have to worry about is the wattage of your charger. There are three different kinds: 3.6kW, 7kW, and 22kW chargers. The higher the wattage, the faster they charge your car, and also the more expensive they will be. 

The 3.6kW charger will usually charge just a little bit faster than a domestic socket, so it doesn’t make much of a difference. But it’s okay if you have low daily mileage. If you use a hybrid model that doesn’t require a lot of time to charge, that's okay too!

The 7kW one is a lot faster, and it’s almost twice as fast as a domestic socket. This is usually the best option for most people, as it’s not extremely expensive and it doesn’t take a toll on your home electricity line. 

The 22kW charger, on the other hand, is the fastest option. This is great if you’re planning on buying more EVs in the future, as it’ll last you so long. But this does put a lot of load on your home power lines. So be careful about whether your house can handle it. 

  • EV Grant

You might need to apply for a grant to have a wall box or charger socket for your EV at home. Since you can only apply for the grant once for every EV you own, it’s a little complicated. 

Applying for a grant allows you to significantly reduce your costs. For instance, you might need to pay about 1,200 pounds for a 22kW charger without a grant and only 850 pounds or less after the grant is applied. 

  • Plug-in Or Tethered Cables 

When it comes to cables, you have two options: you can either permanently attach the cable to the charger or use one where you plug in a regular Type 2 cable. These are known as tethered and plug-in cables, respectively. 

If you consider getting a tethered unit, you don’t need to get a cable out of the boot every time. Instead, you can just plug the other end of the cable into your car. But, not all EVs are compatible with the same cable, and you might need adapters if you use a tethered cable. So the choice is up to you. 

Who Can Install Charging Stations For Your EV?

You should get a qualified electrician with experience in installing charging stations to do this work. Not all electricians know how to properly do it. You should never attempt to do it yourself, as there are high voltages of electricity involved and you might get shocked. 

There’s a lot to check before setting up a station, including ensuring that your home can handle the charger’s power needs. So it’s always best to get a professional to do it. 

Last Words

So now that we’ve gone over the 7 best EV chargers in the market, you can make your decision. You’ve gotten some ideas about how to choose the right one, so think carefully about which wall box will be compatible with your EV and work best for you. 

We hope this helped in making your decision easier. Good luck!

Outdoor Sockets uk

Outdoor Sockets, what you need to know!

It's time for you to know the facts about outdoor sockets

It’s December, which means you might be turning on your external Christmas lights. All Services 4 U Ltd can help you save the hassle of running lengthy (not to mention dangerous) extension cables out of the kitchen window to powder your Christmas  display. We strongly recommend that you install an outdoor power supply, (we are installing a few over the coming weeks!). We only recommend products which actually last, and stand the performance of time.

IP rating (Ingress Protection) – Water-proof/Dust-proof

The British winter time is incredibly unpredictable! so outdoor sockets must be both weatherproof and immune to dust. If fittings are not protected properly, water and dirt can accumulate inside, causing them to malfunction. Therefore, it’s important to know how resistant your sockets are via their IP rating. External sockets need a minimum rating of IP56, so even when your jet-washing the decking or washing the car, they’ll stay watertight and protected. The higher the IP rating the better!

RCD (Residual Current Device)

This is a must, so we always recommend that the external permanent socket has an RCD built in which will protect them from the risk of electric shock. For many customers with their modern fuse board/consumer unit, there will be one installed already. So, if the cable is sliced or cut while trimming the hedge or cutting the grass in the summer, the RCD will trip and cut off the electrical supply immediately. If one is not already installed then we will need to fit one.

Conduit / Cable

When installing an outdoor socket, it’s always best practice to drill through the back of an existing indoor socket, so that the new one is adjacent to it on the outside wall. Obviously, if this isn’t doable, run a cable from the interior socket along the wall, ensuring the exposed part is protected by conduit or the cable is armoured. Another key thing to remember is that if you have a metal mounting box, it must be earthed for safety (this is unnecessary for a plastic box). 

For more advice or to get a quote to install an outside socket / sockets call All Services 4 U Ltd on 0203 6270820 and we will be glad to help.


Ask Questions Before Working With A Domestic electrician

It is essential to ask inquiries just before working with a domestic electrician. Most electricians are capable as well as sincere of doing great job. But there will definitely be a handful of that are certainly not, thus ask a lot of concerns prior to choosing an electrical contractor. Often electrical experts don't deal with all sort of work as well as you must keep this in thoughts. Some are actually merely involved in construction and also remodeling job. Some domestic electricians simply remain in to perform slight work as well as repairs. So it is actually extremely crucial that you describe to the electrical expert prior to palm what kind of job you are going to need to have carried out. If they will be actually capable to perform the work you need to have, and also then find.

It is actually very vital to think about particular things just before hiring an electrician. For insurance coverage reasons and also when an authorization is needed, you might want to employ an accredited electrical expert. It is very important to know that an electrician may purchase any kind of damage they create to your property. As well as you would certainly not intend to be actually filed suit if a worker is injured or hurt while working in your house. It is brilliant to consider previously tapping the services of a service provider bent on perform a significant work, to inquire him to observe verification of workers compensation that he must carry. And also to observe proof of their current certificate.

A lot of electrical professionals do not mind giving you an estimation at your home. Yet if it is just a small job they can loose loan only by eliminating to your residence. So the electrical expert may provide you a minimum rate or a set price for the task you wish carried out. On huge jobs you can easily seek a hourly cost for a project. You need to phone around and also receive the most effective prices for the job you need to have. As well as have even more at that point one specialist visited to your property for a price quote. It is actually a benefit to obtain the greatest general cost for the project.

Do not buy the materials for the work on your own just because you presume it will certainly conserve you money. Since it generally performs certainly not. It is a lot better if the domestic electrician to make the purchases given that he understands specifically what you will certainly be actually needing and also how much. If the electrician purchases the components therefore he is liable for replacing that component if it is actually broke or skipping a component, plus.

The electrician may require to cut gaps in your wall structure for the work he is actually performing. Any sort of repairs will certainly not be performed due to the electrical contractor. So you are going to be actually liable to deal with the damages. Therefore inquire just before the job has started the amount of damages doing the job will induce. When the work is finished, on tiny jobs an electrician might desire to be spent. On sizable jobs the electrician might seek a deposit just before he heads to begin the job. When the project is done or prepared up remittances for you, as well as then he will certainly either prefer the rest of the difference.

, if the electrical contractor possesses to take helpers to get the work done on a larger project he may possess to charge additional for this.. So talk to prior to the project begins. Assume and also try of whatever you may that pertains to the job that you are having carried out. When the project is finished, and also always inquire inquiries so you won't be actually shocked.

The Importance of Electrical Safety at Christmas

The festive season is almost upon us! This wonderful time of year where people all around the world decorate their houses, from the classic Christmas trees to extravagant full house displays. However, you choose to celebrate this Christmas, you need to be aware of the electrical dangers that become apparent at this time of year. Take a few minutes to read our Christmas safety tips to help ensure preventable accident doesn’t take the fun out of your celebrations especially this year as we will all be making up for lost family Christmas’ s due to COVID.  

Precautions Whilst Putting Up Your Christmas Decorations


Most people will only use their Christmas lights once a year; therefore, it’s extremely important they are tested prior to being put up again, additionally, if your old Christmas lights have been stored in cold damp conditions such as the garage, lofts, sheds etc  all  year, it’s even more important to check them for damage. The golden rule is if they are damaged, might be damaged or if you are unsure the best advice is to replace them with new energy efficient LED ones. These will both save you money on your electric bill and help reduce your carbon footprint and help slow down global warming.

Here are a few simple precautionary checks to carry out when fitting your Christmas lights

  • Always read the instructions and retain them for future use.
  • Check that your Christmas lights are not damaged before fitting them, if any of the lights have failed or are damaged replace with the lights.
  • Ensure all your outdoor lighting is connected to an RCD protected socket, this reduces the risk of electric shock and fires. Also, make sure any electrics outside are plugged into weatherproof IP rated sockets. (Only use electrical items that are designed and rated for outdoor use).
  • Never overload power sockets, this can lead to overheating and fires.
  • Ensure you turn your lights off when you are asleep or out of the house, alternatively, put them on a timer to make sure you don’t forget.

The electrical safety council now recommend the use of LED lights over traditional filament or lantern lights, this is because:

  • They operate at extra low voltage, this significantly reduced the risk of electric shock
  • They use 80-90% less electricity to run, this not only reduces the risk of overheating considerably, also reducing the amount of electricity used.
  • They are made of more durable material because there is no filament, reducing the chance of breakage.

(On a personal note, moving to energy efficient lights will also help slow down global warming).

Help Preventing Christmas Tree Fires

The majority of fires started by Christmas trees are caused by electrical problems, here are a few things you can do to ensure a fire doesn’t start in your home:

  • If you do opt for an artificial Christmas tree, choose one that is fire resistant.
  • Ensure all your smoke alarms are working (you should test it once a month regardless of the time of year). If you don’t have any please buy some and get them installed.
  • Water your tree daily to prevent it drying out, dry trees are more likely to catch alight.
  • Check your Christmas tree lights for damaged and replace if any are damaged is found.
  • Switch your Christmas tree lights off before leaving the house or going to bed.
  • Keep your tree a safe distance away from any heat source especially any open fires.
  • If you have pets or young children, don’t leave them unsupervised near your tree.

Help Prevent Unnecessary Electrical Dangers This Christmas with All Services 4 U Ltd

At All services 4 U Ltd , we can’t stress the importance of being extra cautious of the easily preventable dangers over this festive period. If you are experiencing electrical problems in your home, or need waterproof outdoor sockets fitted for your festive lighting display, give us a call on 0203 627 0820 for any more deatils