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Residential Block, London

We have recently had a number of the same issues at a couple of modern developments around North London. One by one, residents had been complaining about problems with their balcony doors not closing properly.

On the first visit to one of these jobs, our engineer quickly worked out that the problem was with the hinges that had been used on the doors on the original build of the blocks. We then started a mighty search for these particular hinges, as they needed to be replaced like for like. These hinges originally came from Italy and are barely sourced in this country but we finally managed to find a company closer to home that could supply us by the following day.

We attended site again and our engineer replaced the hinges one at a time and got the result we were looking for. Within days we were contacted by another of our clients, in a different block in North London, who had had reports from one of their tenants which sounded a very similar sort of problem. Sure enough, it was the same hinges! In total we have been in to fix four of these doors, with another few soon to follow.

Great work from the engineer and the sourcing team!