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Easee One EV charger

Easee One EV charger

Easee is one of the most popular brands for electric car charging gear. As the name suggests, their main focus is making EV chargers that can connect to any interface. They also aim to create innovative and creative designs for their products to push the future of electricity and electric cars to the next level. 

Easee started its journey in 2018 in Norway. Within three years of its formation, Easee grew its team to more than 200 people and expanded into countries such as the UK, Norway, Germany, and the Netherlands. Their strategy prioritizes creating products that meet the needs of their clients.

About Easee

Easee started its journey in 2018 through the collaborative efforts of three entrepreneurs. Their main headquarters and manufacturing warehouse are located in Norway. However, they now have branches in other parts of Europe as well. 

Easee began with the production of a SMART electric car charging robot. They are currently one of the biggest manufacturers of EV chargers that are focused on being user-friendly. Easee prioritizes and relies on innovation and partnerships to move forward in the global market as one of the leading EV charger manufacturers.

Easee’s Lineup On EV chargers

Currently, Easee’s lineup of products is mainly inclusive of EV chargers, accessories, and spare parts for their EV chargers. They produce two types of EV chargers, one for home charging and the other for commercial charging. 

Home Charging (Easee One)

Easee One is Easee’s EV charger that has been developed to charge your electric vehicle at home. This product was manufactured in Norway but designed while targeting the UK demographic market. Keeping the regulations of the UK in mind, Easee One has the option of both open PEN conduction protection and integrated type B RCD protection. 

This product is designed to be very user-friendly without the excessive hassle of technicalities. The charger is designed to automatically detect the types of power sources and outlets and adapt accordingly. The SMART design of this EV charger allows it to adapt to any electric vehicle without needing excessive adjustments from the customer.  

Some standout features of the Easee One EV charger, which, according to the manufacturer, separate it from all other EV home chargers currently on the market, include the following.

  • Charging Speed: The Easee one charger is said to charge three times faster and more efficiently than conventional EV home chargers in the current market.  
  • Charging Power: It can support charging up to 7kW of power when charging. 
  • 4G Internet: Since the Easee One EV charger is a SMART device, it has around-the-clock Internet access. 
  • Updates: The Easee One charger is also updated with new features so that the product continues to evolve even after you’ve bought it. 
  • Size and Color: The Easee One home charger is around 69% smaller than conventional chargers. The charger also comes in five colors; black, white, red, dark blue, and anthracite. 

Commercial Charging (Easee Charge)

The Easee Charge EV charger was specifically designed for apartment buildings, office areas, or car parking lots. This product was designed keeping in mind a space that has a lot of cars and thus requires a lot of EV chargers. 

The Easee Charge is designed to function even when supplied with low power. Usually, apartment buildings or office parking lots will have multiple EV chargers connected to the same power source. Because of this, the amount of electricity supplied to each EV charger is limited. The Easee Charge is designed to maximize the limited power supplied and charge your car accordingly.

The Easee Charge, like all other Easee products, is created with special lightning intelligence and weather resistance technology. This makes Easee’s EV chargers long-lasting, and durable in all types of weather. Some key features of the Easee Charge include the following. 

  • Load Balance: The Easee Charge is designed to be cooperative with all other EV chargers sharing the same electrical circuit. It makes sure not to suck up too much electricity and has a queuing system to ensure cars are charged fairly. 
  • Charging Speed: The Easee Charge is said to charge 10 times faster than conventional EV chargers, even with a limited energy supply. 
  • Charging Power: The commercial use of Easee Charge can support charging up to 22kW.
  • Easy Installation: The Easee Charge has a “plug and play” feature that allows the customer to simply plug the charger into the wall and use it without the need for additional installation. 
  • Internet and Updates: Like the home charger, the Easee Charge also has complete internet access and the option for new updated features. 
  • Color and Size: The Easee charge is up to 69% smaller than conventional EV chargers and comes in the color options of black, white, red, dark blue, and anthracite.

Easee’s Catalogue Of Accessories

Other than the EV charger itself, Easee has their own lineup of additional gadgets and accessories that help their customers take full advantage of their EV chargers. These accessories include products such as the following.

  • U-Hook: This is a U-shaped hook that goes beside your EV charger to carry the charging cable. 
  • Equalizer: The Equalizer is a smart machine that handles the power supply in the EV charger.
  • Charging Cable: This is the cable that connects the car to the charger. It is plugged into the car to let electricity flow in and charge the vehicle. 
  • Plug and Play: The Ready/ Plug and Play is a piece of special equipment that allows you to mount the EV charger without needing professional installation. 
  • App: The Easee app allows quick access to the Easee EV chargers so they can be regularly checked or utilized from anywhere.  
  • Base: The base is a stand to place the EV charger on if you do not have a wall on which you can mount the charger. 
  • Portal: The Easee portal links to your charger and gives you access to all the statistics regarding your power usage and consumption. 
  • Front: This is a special cover that you can place on top of your Easee EV charger to make it look presentable. It comes in five different colors.
  • Key: This is like a mini remote control that allows you to start or stop charging your car with the click of a button.