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Fire Door Repair And Replacement

Fire Door Repair And Replacement

Fire door services for London and the surrounding area

Fire doors save lives and property.

Have you inspected your fire doors lately?

AllServices4u provide a solution for those responsible for premises that need to comply with fire safety legislation. We undertake work to ensure fire door safety, including inspection, repair and replacement. 

Are you an employer, building owner, landlord or any other ‘responsible person’ in charge of a building? 

We can help you with your fire safety responsibility and ensure that your fire doors comply with current fire safety regulations. 

Working primarily in London and the surrounding areas, we offer a complete service at a competitive price to ensure that fire doors are fit for purpose.

Our fire door service

Our service comprises three areas of expertise: Inspection, repair and replacement if necessary.


To give you the peace of mind that your fire doors will be effective in the event of a fire, we carry out a thorough inspection. This inspection includes the following :

  • Ensuring that the automatic closing system is adjusted correctly.
  • Inspecting for gaps between the door and the frame.
  • Looking for any potential points of smoke egress. 
  • Ensuring that the door’s seals are intact.
  • Making sure that the door’s fittings are suitably fire-resistant.
  • Ensuring that any glass in the door is fire-resistant.
  • Checking the CE marking on the door.
  • Checking for correct door frames.
  • Ensuring the installation of the correct number of suitable hinges.
  • Checking the door for damage.

We will report to you on the current state of your doors and make recommendations if necessary. We will also consider your fire doors in the broader context of your building’s compartmentalisation.


If there are problems with your fire door’s effectiveness, frame or door furniture, we can carry out the necessary repairs and maintain the same fire rating for you. Remedial work may involve threshold gaps, hinges, door closing devices etc.

Where possible we will repair a fire door rather than putting you to the expense of buying a new one. We always use products that are approved and accredited by the FDIS (Fire Door Inspection Scheme)


We can install replacement doors, or provide new fire doors should you require it. Fire doors have an FD code which shows the length of time it can withstand a fire.  We will ensure that we fit the correct FD rated door for the location, in line with Building Regulations. To achieve an FD rating, fire doors are tested with their frames and door furniture; therefore, we will replace the door, fittings, and door sets. We only use manufacturers whose products meet the tests specified in BS476-22:1987 or BS EN 1634-1:2014. 

Whatever recommendations we make or work we undertake, we will provide a written report and detailed inventory of what we have done so that you have a record to keep as part of your regulatory requirements. 

The advantages of using AllServices4u Fire Door Service

A comprehensive service for passive fire protection and compartmentalisation ensures that the fire doors in your property meet the current legislation.

Independent and unbiased advice to provide the best solutions for your situation.

Full building regulation and Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order compliance.

We are a member of NAPFIS (Nationwide Association of Passive Fire Installers and Specifiers). All work we undertake complies with British Standards and the UK laws on fire doors.

The safety and satisfaction of our clients is our main concern.

Please contact us for fire door services on:

Tel 020 3627 0820

Email [email protected] 

Your responsibilities concerning fire doors

  • All commercial properties require a fire and safety inspection. The need for fire doors may be one of the recommendations of the assessment. 
  • As a business owner, landlord, or rental property manager in England or Wales, you are the person responsible for fire safety, and your property must comply with the Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005. Fire doors are a part of this compliance.
  • The ‘responsible person’ is required, by law, to carry out a fire risk assessment, and inspection of fire doors must be part of that assessment.
  • Fire doors are also a legal requirement in flats with communal areas. 
  • Domestic homes may also require fire doors, for example in loft conversions, integral garages and buildings more than two storeys high. The Ministry of Housing, Communities & Local Government updated the building regulation covering safety matters for all these situations in 2020. 

Your responsibilities concerning inspection 

BS 9999 (the British Standard Institution code of practice for fire safety) recommends that you inspect fire doors every six months, (this inspection is down to every three months in the new Fire Safety Bill). 

The inspection should check that: 

  • The door automatic closing system is operating satisfactorily.
  • The seals around the edges of the door are not damaged.
  • The panel of the door is not damaged. 
  • There is a small gap (less than 4mm at top and sides, less than 10mm at the bottom) between the door and its frame so that the door will not stick, but also so smoke can’t get through and so that the door seals will work properly.

In addition to this six-monthly inspection, it is wise to regularly check that your fire doors’ closing mechanism works correctly. If you have not checked your fire doors regularly, (at least every six months) you must have them inspected by a competent professional inspector. In 2019 the Fire Door Inspection Scheme reported that more than three-quarters of the fire doors inspected were unfit for purpose.

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What is a fire door?

When installed, a fire door isn’t just the door itself; it comprises the door panels, seals, door furniture and the appropriate glazing if present. All these parts work together to retard the spread of fire and smoke.

What is the purpose of fire doors?

Fire doors are an essential part of a building’s defence against fire. Their purpose is to retard the spread of fire. Strategically placed, they allow a building to be compartmentalised so that the fire doesn’t spread quickly through the whole building. This delay enables people to exit the property safely and provides time for the Emergency Services to arrive.

What does FD30/FD30S mean?

FD is the fire-resistance rating of a fire door, including its panels, frame, seals, door furniture and any glazing present in the door. FD30S means that the door will retard fire and smoke from progressing for 30 minutes, and the ‘S’ means that there is a smoke seal. There are various ratings, FD60/FD60S etc. up to FD240 which is a steel door.