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Ohme EV Charger

Ohme EV Charger

Ohme is an environmentally friendly manufacturer of electric vehicle chargers. The company is based in the United Kingdom and is a firm believer in the fact that renewable energy is the solution to preserving and sustaining the world’s environment. Thus, their goal is to create EV chargers that are not only efficient but also environmentally sustainable.

The company believes that electric cars will rule the future of transportation. This is why they design their products in a way that makes the transition from fuel to electric charging more convenient. Their goal of helping the environment is one of the main reasons why they have developed a substantial support system in the current EV charger market. 

About Ohme 

Ohme products are a result of the efforts made by the CEO, David Watson, who aims to renovate the way people view and use renewable energy sources. While Watson found the slow transition to renewable energy fascinating, he was simultaneously perplexed by the all-or-nothing element of renewable energy sources such as solar light and wind. 

Realizing that the system of relying on renewable energy could be inconvenient, he formulated an EV charging system that detects peak times at which renewable energy sources are at full power. Once the system has detected the time of peak power from renewable energy sources, it notifies the customer so that they may charge their vehicles accordingly. 

The intelligent software of Ohme Electric Vehicle chargers also has features that allow the charger to detect peak energy times and charge itself accordingly without the customer having to do anything themselves. This also allows customers to save money through the amount of electricity they use when charging their cars. 

Lineup Of Ohme’s EV Chargers

Currently, Ohme is the manufacturer of two types of EV chargers. Both of their chargers consist of similar energy-saving properties and intelligent charging features. The main difference between their two types of chargers is that one is made to be used at home, while the other is portable and made to be used on the go. 

Ohme Home And Ohme Home Pro

The Ohme Home Charger is a charger that prioritizes intelligent charging and allows you to use your electric car in a way that is both financially beneficial and environmentally conscious. The product is compact, easy to use, and adapts easily to any sort of electrical power outlet. 

The Ohme Home Pro is similar to the Ohme Home. The main thing that sets it apart from the original design is its interactive LCD screen, which allows you to directly control the EV charger without having to tap into the app. The Ohme Home Pro is also slightly smaller in size compared to the original design. 

Both the Ohme Home and Ohme Home Pro are weatherproof and have safety precautions that allow them to be safely used even in rain and storms. Both of these chargers support charging up to 7.4 kW. They both also have access to the internet and support 3G and 4G connections. They both come with a black exterior design and blue LCD or LED screens.

The Ohme Home and Ohme Home Pro can easily be used by connecting them to the Ohme app. The app connects to the charger and allows the user to turn it on and off from wherever they are. The app notifies the user of the best times to charge. It also has features that allow automated charging based on energy levels without the user having to do anything themselves.

Ohme Go

The Ohme Go is a cheaper alternative to the Ohme Home EV chargers. This charger is mainly designed to be compact and transportable. The Ohme Go still has the same intelligent charging functions as the Ohme Home chargers. The main difference lies in the way the charger is connected to power outlets.

Unlike the Ohme Home, which is usually installed somewhere in your home, the Ohme Go comes with cables that you can connect to power outlets and then connect to your car the same way you would charge any other electrical device. Ohme has three different cable connectors that can be used with the Ohme Go. 

The three connectors available are the commando connector, the type 2 connector, and the 3 pin connector. The customer has the option to choose which of the connectors they would like to purchase when buying their Ohme Go. 

The best connector option will depend on the type of vehicle you have and how you plan on using the Ohme Go EV charger. All the Ohme connectors come in type 1 and 2. Type 1 is typically used for older models of electric cars. Type 2 is more common in the latest models of EVs and is the most common connector in Europe. You may find a more detailed guide here

Do You Qualify For The OLEV/ OZEV Grant?

The OLEV or OZEV grant is a government-issued grant in the United Kingdom that allows its citizens to get up to £350 off on the installation of their EV charger. Since all Ohme EV chargers are OLEV approved, a customer may apply for the OLEV grant for the installation of an Ohme home charger as long as they meet the following criteria.

  • The customer must have Off-Street parking
  • The electrical car or Vehicle must have been purchased on or after the 1st of October, 2016
  • The Vehicle must be eligible for the grant. A list of the vehicles eligible for the OLEV grant can be found here.  
  • The EV charger being installed must be OLEV approved. (All Ohme Home chargers are OLEV approved and thus meet this requirement.)
  • The installation of the EV charger has to be done by an installer who has been approved by OLEV
  • The installation date of the EV charger cannot be more than 4 months before the date on which the car is delivered. 

Please note that only citizens of the United Kingdom (England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland) are eligible for the OLEV grant. The rules listed above cannot be considered for customers who do not reside in the United Kingdom.