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Sync EV

Sync EV

Sync EV is one of the leading manufacturers of electric vehicle chargers in the UK. The company has been deeply invested in the utilization of renewable energy sources since 2009. They have also been closely involved with the development of EV chargers in 2015. They are known for being a trusted brand and are NIC-EIC approved for their domestic and commercial products. 

Sync EV takes pride in having excellent customer support and a good relationship with many of their partners. They also have one of the largest networks of distributors in the UK, which makes them one of the largest manufacturers of EV chargers and products in the country. Both their products and installation services are government-approved. 

About Sync EV 

Sync EV is one of the first and longest investors in renewable energy sources among all of the EV charger manufacturers in the UK. To ensure top-notch quality, they pay equal attention not only to the design of their EV chargers but also to the installation services they provide. 

Sync EV is a very trusted brand in the UK and has the government’s approval for its EV products and installation services. The company prioritizes creating products that are technologically advanced and environmentally conscious. Through their services, they would like to encourage more people to switch to electric cars and contribute to protecting the environment. 

Sync EV’s Line Up Of EV Chargers And Services

Sync EV’s product catalog currently consists of three EV chargers. Of these EV chargers, two are home chargers, and one is a workplace charger. 

Home Charger

There are two variations of the Sync EV home charger. One of the chargers supports 3.6kW of power and has an MCB of 1 x 20A. The other home charger supports 7,4kW of power and has an MCB of 1 x 40A. Other than this, both of the chargers have similar features and functions. 

The Sync EV Home Charger uses the latest technology to make sure you have the best charging experience at home. Some of the charger’s key features include the following.

  • Compact Size: The Sync EV Home Charger is the smallest in the world. This makes it discrete and easy to install in various spaces of your home. 
  • Variable Current Charge: This home EV charger can adapt to variable electric sources to charge your car.
  • Internet Access: The Sync EV Home Charger has full internet access that can connect to both Wi-Fi and 3G internet.  
  • RFID Standard: The Sync EV Home Charger is designed with a standard Radio Frequency Identification (RFID).
  • Load Management: The Sync EV Home Charger can adapt and utilize various types of energy loads when charging your car. 
  • Time Schedules: This home EV charger also allows you to predetermine charging times. You can do this by scheduling when you would like the device to charge through the app. The system will be updated accordingly so that charging automatically occurs at your prescribed schedule.  
  • Smart App: The Sync EV Home Charger comes with an easily installable smartphone app. This app connects your phone to the EV charger and monitors statistics and scheduled times for charging. 
  • Protection: The Sync EV Home Charger has 6mA DC protection as well as PEN fault protection, which makes it usable in all sorts of weather. 

Workplace Charger

Sync EV also provides services that adapt its home chargers to fit into the work building or apartment complex. Because of the EV charger’s compact size and ability to dynamically manage power loads, the Sync EV home charger is also perfectly suited for commercial use. The company provides additional services and counseling to make the transition easier. 

The Sync EV workplace charge points track the usage of electric chargers by employees or apartment residents. A weekly, monthly, or annual digital report is then provided to the owner of the charger. Sync EV recommends contacting their customer service or counselors to get a better idea of the charger that best suits your needs. 


Sync EV distinguishes itself in the marketplace by putting the utmost priority on the installation and maintenance services of its EV chargers. To assure customers that they are receiving the best services and to build customer trust, Sync EV has a clause called the platinum promise. 

The Platinum Promise is an agreement made by the company to offer their services to fix problems if the installer of the EV charger is someone who is no longer licensed. To be eligible for the Platinum Promise, you must meet the following criteria:

  • The contractor was registered with NICEIC at the time of installation.
  • The installation was done within the past 6 years.

You Must Have The QLEV Grant Before Installing Sync EV

The OLEV, or OZEV grant is a government-issued grant in the United Kingdom that allows its citizens to get up to £350 off on the installation of their EV charger. This rule was issued by the government to encourage more people to transition to EV driving. To be eligible for the OLEV or OZEV grant, you must meet the following criteria. 

  • The customer must have off-street parking. That is, you must have a place at home where you can park your car and charge it. The OLEV grant does not permit you to install your EV charger for on-road parking.
  • You must own the car. Or you can order, or lease an electric vehicle as well. You must also have the intention of keeping the vehicle for at least 6 months to be eligible for this grant.
  • The electric car or vehicle must have been purchased on or after October 1st, 2016.
  • The vehicle must be eligible for the grant.  A list of the vehicles eligible for the OLEV or OZEV grant can be found here.  
  • The EV charger being installed must be OLEV approved. (All Sync EV Home chargers are OLEV approved and thus meet this requirement.)
  • The installation date of the EV charger cannot be more than 4 months before the date on which the car is delivered.