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Tesla EV car charger

Tesla EV car charger

Tesla is perhaps one of the largest and most highly esteemed electric car manufacturers in the world. They are known for their futuristic cutting-edge technology and designs that push the boundaries of what an Electric Vehicle can be. At the moment, they are the biggest name in the EV market and lie in a separate playing field that is completely their own. 

Rather than simply an EV manufacturer, Tesla has over time garnered the image of scientists and technicians. Their cars are not seen as regular vehicles but rather futuristic gadgets that are not only intelligent but also imaginative. Due to their continuous renovation of EV designs and technology, they have become trendsetters that play a strong factor in determining the future of EV cars and renewable technology. 

About Tesla 

Tesla began its journey in 2003 when a group of engineers joined forces under one shared goal; they were going to show the world that driving electric cars does not require compromise. Most people are reluctant to invest in electric cars over gasoline cars because they think it will be inconvenient. Tesla has made it their mission to prove this perception wrong by showing how electric cars can be fun and at times even more convenient than gasoline cars. 

Tesla launched in 2008 with the Roadster which showed the world the untapped potential of electric cars. Since then Tesla has been working vigorously not only as the manufacturers of EVs and EV chargers but also as a leading operation that makes renewable energy sources more accessible to regular households. 

With cars, chargers, and now even solar panels, Tesla looks forward to being one of the leading solutions to all prejudices against the consumption of renewable energy. Their work and products have allowed them to build a sort of “electric ecosystem” that encourages more people every day to be environmentally conscious and transition to electric powering via renewable sources. 

Tesla’s Charging Solutions

Staying true to their original goal of proving to the world that using electric cars can be convenient in the long run, Tesla provides its users with a dynamic set of charging solutions. Whether you’d like to charge your vehicle at home or on the road, there is an option suited for everyone’s needs. 

Wall Connector (Home Charging)

The Tesla Wall Connector is Tesla’s home EV charger. It adapts electricity from your house’s electric line and converts it to energy to charge your car’s battery. Tesla’s Wall connectors are typically made only to be utilized by a Tesla. However, they can be adapted to work with other vehicles as well by getting the correct type of connector.  

The Tesla Wall Connector has a sleek and modern design. It is equipped to be installed in houses, apartments, or workplaces. Ideally, it is to be installed on the wall of your garage or parking space so that you can simply take the cable and connect it to your car. However, if a wall is not available, Tesla also has stands on which you can install your charger. 

The Tesla is a smart car that connects across several devices. The Wall Connector follows suit by allowing you to get updates regarding the charging status of your car from your phone. The Wall Connector allows for fast charging and even has smart technology that makes the charger cautious about saving energy.

Supercharger (Charging While Travelling)

Tesla has a network consisting of over 30,000 superchargers all across the globe. Superchargers are large EV charging systems that work in a similar way to gas stations. This charging option allows people the freedom to take their Teslas out for trips without facing charging hassles.

All you have to do is enter your location or travel route into your Tesla, and the smart device in the car locates spots with the Tesla Supercharger where you can charge your car. Once you are at your destination, you simply plug the super charger into your car and wait for it to charge. You will only have to pay for the amount of electricity you consume. This makes supercharging a much cheaper alternative to gasoline. 

Networks of Superchargers installed by Tesla already exist in various parts of the world. However, Superchargers are also available for purchase to companies or businesses who would like to have them installed in their buildings for their employees. 

Destination Charging

charging points in various locations across the US. The premise is that Tesla users can stop at these destinations and leave their cars to charge while enjoying a meal, going for a walk, or even staying overnight. Destination Charging is convenient for people who intend on traveling with their Tesla. 

This charging solution mainly applies to people in North America. Tesla currently has over 4,500 spots in North America that have Destination Charging facilities. The Tesla touch screen and database have full records of places that allow Destination Charging. After entering your location, the car’s system notifies you of areas you can go for Destination Charging facilities.

Commercial Charging

Commercial Charging is mainly a package deal through which property managers can set up multiple Tesla chargers and allow people to use them in exchange for some revenue. This charging solution is specially intended for building tenants who would like to avail this facility for the people residing in their apartment complex.

Payments of charging shall be recorded by Tesla. This works similarly in concept to the Superchargers. People of a certain building shall be able to use the building’s Tesla Wall Connector. In exchange, they simply have to pay for the amount of electricity they consume depending on the rate set by the building’s owner. 


Though Tesla EV chargers are not necessarily difficult to install, the procedure may vary depending on your electric circuit and area of residence. Tesla has its own group of trusted installers. However, you may also get your charger installed by a private installer. 

It is advised that customers discuss the technicalities regarding the installation of Tesla EV chargers before purchasing the actual product.